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Interest Crediting Methods With Minimum Risks

Fixed index annuities have the potential for market-linked interest without exposure to the market risk. Contract owners enjoy the guarantees and safety of principal even while being linked to market growth.

Fixed index annuities offer several Interest Crediting Methods and allow you to use several different Indexes for choices and flexibility so that you can diversify your investment.

Some of the Index choices:

The S&P 500 Index contains stocks from 500 various industry leaders and is widely regarded as the premier benchmark for US stock market performance.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is the oldest continuing stock market index in the world. Many of the stocks represented in the DJIA are leaders in their industries.

10-Year US Treasury Bond Value is designed to mirror general market interest rates. Growth in this value is determined by the annual change in the 10-Year US Treasury Bond, plus a coupon rate each contract year. The percentage change in the Treasury Bond is calculated and the coupon rate is added. The cap is applied to this sum and the asset fee rate is subtracted. The index credit for the year is determined by multiplying the result by the treasury bond value on the last contract anniversary, less withdrawals and applicable surrender charges.

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