"For a man who knows three languages, donates his time as a shriner and had saved more than half-a-million for retirement - the last thing you would guess about Bob Harrington is that he worked a blue-collar job his whole life."

Bob Harrington's Testimonial

Found a Refuge For His Life Savings After the Market Downturn

Before his 21 year career with a major airline as an airline mechanic, Bob learned the value of hard work driving long-haul trucking routes up and down the coasts of California.

For his entire career, Bob saved between 10 to 19% of his pay for retirement. He also developed the habit of saving all his overtime pay and donating the rest to charities. With this kind of personal discipline and planning , Bob set his sights on the year he would turn 55, the year he wanted to retire. Well, that year is this year, but rather than the leisure activities he envisioned, Bob is working 2 full-time jobs to make ends meet.

“Right now I am working as a driver again, driving airport buses, as well as a full time gig with the post office,” he stated.

Bob became uncomfortable with the market’s downward movement in his last year with the airline and called his investment advisor to move his then-bulging account to a safe location. His broker told him the market was still safe and advised Bob to keep the money where it sat, in the market. As the losses grew, so did Bob’s motivation to protect his money. Because of a rule in his employersubsidized retirement plan, Bob was unable to move his money unless his employment was terminated. So, in a final effort to salvage what was left of his savings, Bob resigned with a new mission in mind – find safety.

“I heard an ad on the radio that sounded exciting , so I called the guy up and asked him to tell me about his program. I liked what I heard,” Bob said smiling.

Finally, on his 54th birthday, a year before he planned to retire, Bob had secured what remained of his life savings in a fixed indexed annuity. “It’s already grown by 15% in the first year!” he said with excitement.

The difference from this gain and the gains Bob has experienced in the past is that in his new retirement plan, he will never lose a gain regardless of what the market does.

The retirement that Bob envisioned for himself and his family a few years ago was much different than what he is planning now, but rather than allowing his circumstances to run his life, Bob chooses even now to remain positive. “I donate a lot of time to the Shriners to help the less fortunate. It’s a worth-while cause for anyone, and it helps me keep my mind on the needs of others,” he said.

Not a bit daunted, Bob is actually accumulating more for retirement now than many of his peers who stayed with the airline. Bob has actually become and advocate to those peers, wanting them to protect their futures with the financial tool he has found. Bob explains his new perspective, “When I discovered this strategy, a little light went off in the back of my head – Ding ! Now all I want is to tell other people about it.”

As Bob and his family move forward in the changing retirement scene, they remain dedicated parents, as well as lovers of their dog , Pepper. “It’s the little things that make you smile, and that’s what is most important to us.”

With his money safe, Bob’s focus has truly shifted to helping others, both with his work as a Shriner, and as a self-proclaimed advocate of his solution for safe retirement.

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