"Service in the Army during Vietnam, and a lifetime of work in the security and defense industry, taught Ed to evaluate life with one priority in mind - safety."

Jeanne & Ed's Testimonial

Found The Perfect Answer For Their Inheritance

This safe mindset prevailed when it was time for him to make the biggest financial decision of his life.

Ed’s mother was the financial mind behind several family owned thrift stores in New York state. In addition to being a successful store owner, she began to avidly pursue investments of all kinds. When she died she left all of her assets to Ed and his family. Although Ed had saved money - his retirement income plans mostly revolved around social security and his monthly pension.

Suddenly, Ed was in a position he had never been in before. He had to find a safe home for a variety of assets he knew nothing about.

Both Ed and his wife Jeanne had received employer supplemented savings accounts through their work. Unfortunately, both had also seen significant declines in these accounts. Ed’s desire to make a wise choice that would allow this money to grow was challenged by his conservative nature that was telling him to keep the money safe.

“What we found was a way to have the best of both worlds. Despite losses in the stock market - our money has actually grown,” Ed explained with a smile.

Ed and Jeanne met a professional who offered them a unique solution - an indexed annuity. With this financial tool, they are assured that their principal will never decline, and they also have the potential to grow their money with a variety of options.

In the near future, Jeanne is expecting a lump-sum settlement from an insurance company after an auto accident. “I plan to put that money in another indexed annuity. I know it will be safe and it will be able to grow there,” she said.

Ed and Jeanne have big plans for the money already in their annuity. At some point in the future they plan on taking advantage of their annuity’s generous and flexible income feature.

“We also want to use that money to help out our grandkids with their college tuition, down payments on their homes, and other things that will help them get started in life now, rather than just pass it on to them when we are gone,” Jeanne explained.

With confidence in their own future, Ed and Jeanne have turned their focus to their 12 grandchildren. With a beaming smile, Jeanne explains, “Every year on their birthday we let the grandkids choose one stock from a variety of kid-friendly companies like Disney™, Tootsie Roll™ or Lego™. Sometimes they even get checks in the mail for a few cents if their stocks do well. They get invited to the shareholder meetings and everything , and it’s a great way to get them involved in thinking about their future.”

Somehow, between their continuing work and their grandkids, the Adams still find time for themselves. They are both proud members of a choir at their church and tour with the group all over Europe. “We went to Europe on our honeymoon, so it has a special place in our hearts,” Ed explains. So what would Ed do if he had to make another large investment decision? “I’d probably buy a good stock,” he said jokingly.

“But, what’s a good stock anymore?” Jeanne asked and they laughed together. “In all sincerity though,” Ed continued. “I would definitely do the same thing if I had the situation to do over again. It is possible to keep money safe and grow it at the same time,” he stated with confidence.

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