"Carl has been detail-minded ever since he was a child, but this characteristic was even more embedded in him after working his entire career as a design drafter."

Betty & Carl's Testimonial

Carl Knew It Was Time To Find a Solution

“I loved being a drafter,” Carl recalled with a smile. “It was like being an artist and getting paid for producing very detailed, perfect pieces of art.”

This attention to detail is clearly evident in Carl’s careful attention to his and Betty’s life savings.

“When we take our documents to our tax guy, he always kinda laughs and says he’s never seen anything quite like the spreadsheets and documents Carl keeps,” Betty said smiling.

Even as children, both Carl and Betty’s parents emphasized the importance of saving. “My dad made me and my sister save half of everything we earned, starting with our allowance,” Betty explained.

Later, Carl and Betty went to the same junior high and high school and never lived more than eight blocks away from each other, but they never met until Carl’s graduation when Betty served as his Junior Escort. They’ve now been married 50 years.

These days you can find Betty whimsically creating scrapbooks or spending an afternoon in her kitchen baking, but it has taken a lifetime together for Carl and Betty to finally find a home for the savings they built that now gives them peace of mind.

Carl’s savings had been in the hands of a broker for more than 15 years. During this time the market fluctuated up and down many times. “Over all the time we had our money with this broker, he never once told us we should lock in our gains or sell our investments,” Carl said.

“At one point, when we expressed concern to our broker, he warned us that the market was very high and could be due for a correction, but he never recommended an alternative or safe place for that money.

In hindsight, we can see that he was earning money with us in the market. It was not in his interest to protect our money – only to manage it,” Betty said. “We might as well have burned that money. We experienced tremendous loss.”

Meanwhile, Carl was keeping meticulous records by tracking the performance of their investments. “We knew we had to sell,” Carl said. “The main standard for a new home for our savings was that our principal had to remain safe.” Their search ended when they learned of a different way to protect their profits after a local advisor introduced them to an indexed annuity. “Now, when the market goes down we never have to worry, and we even know that our money will continue to grow,” Carl said.

“We used to pay taxes on our money every year, then the market would take losses from our accounts, plus we had to pay our broker fees before we ever withdrew anything. Now we have more control, and we are the only ones who can take money from our account,” Carl said with a smile.

In their retirement, Carl and Betty plan to continue to do the things they love. “We love to spend the spring in the South and see the beautiful flowers,” Betty said.

When they’re not traveling, they also enjoy having friends over to their home and are very active in their church. “I also play at golf,” Carl laughed.

With their future secure, they can spend time on what matters most to them – each other.

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