"Bob and Melanie Walker’s can-do attitude is evident throughout their entire home. After adding onto the original home four times, they now have a space that is wholly theirs."

Walker's Testimonial

The Walkers Re-build Their Retirement Finances

Having worked early in his professional life as a drafter, Bob learned to enjoy working with the construction crews on the actual homes he had designed, giving him a passion to build.

Their home is not the only evidence of Bob’s hard work and desire to build. After 31 years of working for Coors Brewing Company, Bob also built a respectable life savings for his family.

While working for Coors, Bob contributed to a 401k and carefully moved his savings into allocations the plan provided in response to the markets’ ups and downs. Additionally, he had some money in an IRA managed by a former colleague and friend.

Shortly after retiring, Bob and Melanie decided that the constant damage to their account had to end. “Every night we would watch TV and look up our accounts online to see how much we had lost,” Bob said.

They knew they had to do something so they attended a workshop conducted by their broker’s firm, hoping to find some insight that would help them respond to the markets’ volatility.

“Our broker told us that we needed to wait out the storm and that eventually, if we wait long enough, things would get better,” Bob recalled. “After meeting our new advisor and doing some research, I learned that our broker would have stopped making money if he had put our money somewhere safe, like in a money market,” Bob said.

“We didn’t feel like we were getting good advice,” Melanie agreed. After learning that indexed annuities could answer the questions posed by the volatile market, Bob and Melanie began a lengthy research process to ensure that they would truly not be susceptible to loss again. This process included research on the Internet, council from the state regulation commission, and advice from their current broker.

Melanie recounted the broker’s conversation with apparent reproach. “After we learned about indexed annuities, we asked our broker if his company offered any annuities. He said they do and that he actually had a lot of his own money in them.”

After realizing that their financial advisor had the key to safety in a tough market, but chose to keep them exposed to market risk in the interest of continuing to earn his fees, Bob and Melanie felt betrayed. “I instantly felt like I had been ill-advised by someone who cared about me - by someone I trusted,” Melanie said.

The Walkers quickly moved to an indexed annuity and their new found safety brought them peace of mind. “We don’t have to watch the stock market or worry anymore. We know where we stand and where we are going to be,” Bob and Melanie agreed. Someday the Walkers will use their hard-earned savings to generate an income for themselves and they plan to pass on the rest of it to their two daughters. But, for now, the Walkers continue to build.

“We just got finished building an addition that more than doubled the size of our daughter’s home,” Bob said with a proud smile. “As you drive through the neighborhood, you can see our work on several of our neighbors’ homes as well.”

And, every time Bob builds something, Melanie is there to lend her decorative hand on the interior. In retirement, Bob and Melanie plan to use their skills for real estate investing. The Walkers will continue building, as well as enjoying their newly found passion - being grandparents.

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