"Karlan Tucker has been giving financial advice since 1982 when his first two clients were faced with a unique set of problems."

Tucker's Testimonial

Karlan's Business Plan and Retirement Plan is One in The Same

Forced by health reasons to sell a large farm in Michigan and move their family to the warm climate of Arizona, Karlan’s parents, and first clients, were in a situation foreign to them; for the first time they were now flush with cash rather than with land. As exciting as this prospect sounded, it placed a large weight of responsibility on Karlan’s shoulders. Unable to continue working – this sum of cash had to last his parents the rest of their lives.

Out of these circumstances, Karlan adopted two bedrock financial principles: Rule Number One - Don’t lose what you already have. Rule Number Two - See Rule Number One. With these principles as his only guide, Karlan and his parents created a conservative investment portfolio by buying Bank CDs, Treasury Bonds, and the real estate lot next to their new home in Arizona.

As time passed and Karlan gained more experience, he realized that these investment tools only served one purpose - keeping money safe. Growing the money in the stock market was a possibility, but was also filled with risk and uncertainty. Driven to do better for his parents, as well as for his now growing list of clients, Karlan eventually discovered a tool that allowed his clients to keep all their money safe AND allow it to grow without any risk.

Today, Karlan has had the privilege to guide more than 5,000 individuals toward this same safe strategy that provides growth. Each of these clients benefit from his experience with his first clients, his parents, and are guided by the principles that experience lent him.

Very early on in his professional money management career, Karlan realized that his opportunity to protect people’s life savings was limited to his sphere of influence. “There are only so many people I could work with at one time,” Karlan admits. “The natural outgrowth was to start a company that enabled other professionals to guide clients based on my experiences.”

Karlan now leads more than 1,000 advisors practicing his principles of investing that he has trademarked “Protecting Your Profits™”.

The truest testament to Karlan’s genuine confidence in indexed annuities is not seen where he placed his parent’s money, but where he chose to place his own retirement savings. “Angela and I have placed the majority of our nest-egg dollars into indexed annuities as well,” Karlan said. “I probably would have purchased our indexed annuities sooner if it was up to me,” Angela said candidly. “I’m really glad we’re in them now. I know these are solid and that they are going to be around for a long time.”

With their oldest son, Ashton, in college and their younger children, Sierrah and Landon still at home, Karlan and Angela have already begun to prepare a legacy for their children by purchasing these unique investments for each of them.

Outside of the family business, the Tuckers love to travel together, often taking mission trips to places like Israel, Peru and the Philippines. Family vacations take them to the most historic parts of our nation and also to the snowy mountains of Colorado every winter. “We love to ski as a family,” Angela said smiling.

As the climate of the market changes, the products Karlan has come to love continue to become even more competitive. “In the past, annuities only offered safety,” Karlan said. “The newer breeds of annuities compromise nothing,” Karlan said. “In my indexed annuities, I have both safety and opportunity for growth on the same dollar at the same time.”

The financial marketplace has created fear in many investors preparing for, or already in, retirement. “In this world of financial fear, indexed annuities are good news,” Karlan said with a spark of excitement. “They do exactly what they were made to do, and none of my family or clients have ever lost any money in these – not even a penny.”

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