"For many retirees, retirement is no longer merely a 25 year vacation after a life of work."

Wright's Testimonial

Balancing Work and Play, Exemplifying The New Retirement Trend

Walter and Martha Wright exemplify a new perspective on retirement – one that balances free time and hobbies with an active work schedule.

Even in their early years, the Wrights tried to balance work and fun. Walter worked as an independent insurance consultant for many large corporations. He would travel on a regular basis, but almost always made it home to enjoy his children and Martha, who worked as Walter’s secretary. “We have always loved to ski together on the weekend,” Walter explained. “It’s an activity we still do to this day.”

While the Wrights have enjoyed activities together, they have also enjoyed working together. As a self-employed small business owner, Martha considers it a privilege to have worked alongside Walter as his assistant for all 56 years of their marriage. “If you count work and marriage, it’s like being together for 112 years!” Walter jokes.

When Walter decided to start a business to fund not-for-profit organizations, he found success with consulting and funding dozens of the most widely-known charitable organizations in the nation. “We’ve always been blessed with success in business,” Walter said.

Looking forward to starting a normal retirement, the Wrights moved west to be with their children. “For the first two years we were there we didn’t work, and we were bored,” Walter said.

Their discontentment with traditional retirement led the Wrights to open a small letter shop. Their son, who is now also their business partner, takes care of most of the physical and computer work, while Walter manages their accounts and Martha serves as the secretary.

Although they continue to work, the Wrights still consider their lifestyle to be retirement. When asked what retirement means to him, Walter replied, “Retirement is when you do whatever you want, and that’s what I’m doing.”

These days, you’re just as likely to meet Walter and Martha on a cross-country ski trail as you are in the office of their small business. This couple embodies a new way of retirement, finding a perfect balance between their work and leisure activities.

Having saved money for retirement throughout his full-time career, Walter had collected a variety of investment tools from mutual funds to actual stocks. But, after an insurance claim was settled and the Wrights had to find a place for a large sum of cash, they turned to a different home for their dollars. “We put that money in an indexed annuity. We wanted it to be safe and continue to grow,” Walter explained.

They were so pleased with their new account that they invested much of their former mutual funds and stocks into a second account later. “We feel safer in annuities,” Martha stated. “We feel confident in them.”

While good health prevails, Walter and Martha are perfectly content to continue to busy themselves with their business. “We enjoy the work, and all the new relationships that work affords,” Martha said.

But, with a weather eye on the future, the Wrights have also purchased Long Term Care Insurance for the day when they may need healthcare. Walter is confident that this extra layer of protection will serve to insulate the savings he and Martha have worked their lifetimes to build. “What good is having a life of savings if you have to spend it on hospital bills?” he questioned.

Between work hours, Walter and Martha enjoy visiting their grandchildren, spending the weekends skiing, golfing, playing the piano and even playing some video games.

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