"Affording retirement is not a concern for the Hopkins. Securing the futures of their children and grandchildren is."

Hopkins' Testimonial

The Hopkins Are Passing Peace Of Mind To Future Generations

Mike and Carol agree that they have made a good decision with their recent purchase of their dream home, as they sit on their back deck overlooking a fresh cut lawn surrounded by fountains and deer grazing in the distance on just a piece of their 5 acre land.

The Hopkins’ house is settled on a private lot, located just four miles from where they raised their family and lived for more than 30 years. They plan to live in their new home throughout their retirement, although Mike isn’t sure when he’ll be ready for that.

“I enjoy work and I’m not sure what I’ll do with my time if I’m not doing that,” Mike explained. “I may try to go part-time in about six months to see how it goes. If it goes well, then I’ll retire at the end of next year.”

After working for more than 30 years at Lockheed Martin as a computer engineer, and now for another company, Mike has been able to build a large retirement savings. Mike and Carol laugh as they explain that Carol’s part-time job at a salon is more for mall money than anything else.

“It’s kind of a social thing,” Carol joked. “And I had a lot of catching up to do with my friends there after our recent trip to Italy.”

Between Mike’s savings with Lockheed Martin, social security and other investments, Mike and Carol knew they wouldn’t need the money for themselves that they received after the sale of a stock.

“We wanted to be able to put the money in a place where it would stay safe, but we also wanted it to continue to grow,” Mike said as he smiled at his grandson, Colten. “We know we won’t need the money, but we do want to pass it down to our children and their children.”

Knowing that the market can be shaky and unreliable, the Hopkins requested advice from a local advisor when considering an alternate place to put half of all their assets to preserve them for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. After learning that an indexed annuity would keep their money safe, never lose a dollar, and that it would continue to grow, they determined that this was the best place for their money.

“We’ve always had a pretty conservative portfolio of mutual funds and bonds, and we were never really concerned with it, but recently these investments aren’t doing so well,” Mike explained. “So, we’re happy that we have at least half of our money secure in an indexed annuity and that it will never be affected by a dropping market.”

With one grandchild right now from their son and his wife, and their daughter getting married this summer, they are thankful to be able to prepare future generations for the same success they enjoy. With their recent purchase of an indexed annuity, the Hopkins are happy knowing that what they have saved will always be there.

“By the time Colten is old enough to go to college, he will have access to not only the original chunk of money we put in to our annuity, but also the growth it earned,” said Carol.

While Mike isn’t sure what he’ll do with his time once he retires, Carol has it planned out.

“We’ll get to do the things we enjoy,” Carol stated. “Like traveling, fishing, golfing and, most of all, spending time with our grandchild.”

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