"Years before Dorothy led the independent life she enjoys now, she learned to be fearful of money and investments in general."

Dorothy Roads' Testimonial

Independence And Confidence Go Hand In Hand For Dorothy

Dorothy knew the value of hard work and of protecting the savings she had accumulated while she and her husband worked at Lockheed Martin for more than 21 years. Needless to say, when the market caused those hard-earned accounts to decline, it caused her to experience real pain and fear.

“At one time, one of my husband’s accounts lost $100,000 and later we lost $25,000 in another account,” Dorothy stated.

Later, a stock holding in a tech company also took a steep loss. Even with all this money being lost from a modest-sized account, Dorothy said she never felt that her money manager really cared about what happened to her.

Years later, Dorothy went into her retirement years alone, without the guidance and financial compass that her husband had served as for years. But with retirement approaching, she had to make decisions about moving her 401k. The path to comfort was riddled with painful experiences as “financial shysters”, dishonest salesmen and high-pressure sales teams made their way into her house.

“I was hyper-scared,” Dorothy said with wide eyes. “I got the feeling that they were only talking to me because they knew how much they would make off of me.”

One day, things changed for Dorothy. “I met with a gentleman who was different,” she said. He explained to her that there was an opportunity available that could never experience a loss - no matter what the stock market did. It now provides Dorothy with competitive growth and has never lost any of her money. “This was the only package that felt complete, and I haven’t lost any sleep knowing that it’s there and it’s OK,” Dorothy said.

When in her working years, Dorothy and her husband were more able to sustain losses, so they kept their money in riskier investments. “At this point, being in retirement, I can’t afford to lose any of my money,” Dorothy acknowledged.

Now, instead of watching the stock market reports at the end of the day, Dorothy busies herself with volunteer work, editing books, part-time work, and a variety of activities with a ladies group from her church.

So, how has Dorothy’s life changed since she invested in an indexed annuity? “I’m not afraid anymore. You should have met me seven or eight years ago. I’m different, I feel confident now.”

And she should. Her money has performed very well in years when many of her counterparts were losing money to a shaky market - reason alone for her newly acquired confidence.

Her advice to single women like herself: “You have to do something with your money. This is something that cannot lose and it gives me control over my retirement. I would recommend this to others like me,” Dorothy stated.

With a smile, Dorothy mused, “Maybe next year I’ll want to go to Israel or Europe, and with the money my account makes - I can!”

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