"It’s not that the Murphy’s weren’t concerned about financially preparing for retirement during their working years. There simply weren’t enough hours in the day."

Murphy’s Testimonial

How The Murphy’s Got Time On Their Side.

With my business, Denver Brake Company, I was working 12 hours – day in, day out. I didn’t have time for anything else, so I depended on our advisors to get us there,” Chuck explained. “After 10 or 15 years with one of the biggest firms in the country managing our money, it was worth less than when we started.”

That experience made one thing clear to Chuck and Thelma, husband and wife of 56 years, “No one’s going to take care of you but yourself.” It’s a story echoed throughout the nation, across generations. A story of honest Americans working their whole lives toward a single, comfortable goal, often trusting everything in the hands of another and being left to wonder if they’ll end up where they want to be.

As many others, Chuck and Thelma worked for everything they’ve got. And though it’s humorous, the story of how Chuck earned his first dollar begins to paint the picture of just how hard.

“I caught a greased pig when I was 12-years-old,” he laughed. “My dad kept the winnings, raising that pig on our farm. Years later, my mother wrote me a letter saying she sold the pig for twenty dollars. The money went into the bank in 1945 and when our kids were little, she pulled it out and gave it to them. So that was my first investment.” The Murphy’s serious commitment to building their nest egg grew throughout their working years, with Chuck employed as an engineer at McDonnell Douglas and Martin Marietta, and later at his own auto repair shop with Thelma at his side as bookkeeper. However, one concern continued to rear its head as they examined their strategy more carefully. “Our investments were not meeting our expectations. And we didn’t have time to put thought into them,” Chuck professed.

Upon retirement with more time to spend, they began exploring alternatives and eventually discovered a tool that delivered what they wanted. “With our mutual funds, we lost a lot of principal. With indexed annuities, we don’t ever lose principal. Plus, we can draw 10% out of our existing indexed annuity without penalty every year if we need the money. Those were the two big selling points for us,” Chuck said.

Four years ago, Chuck and Thelma moved everything they had with that big investment firm into indexed annuities - totaling 75% of all their investments. And they don’t intend to stop there. “We’ll put quite a bit more into annuities when the state highway takes our property. Our advisor is working on getting us an additional annuity that can replace the income from our rental property. So we’ll be able to collect a monthly fee, yet still have the money invested,” Thelma smiled. “I wish I would have met someone like our current advisor when I first started investing. I’d recommend this tool to anyone. In fact, I did. Our daughter purchased an annuity two years ago,” added Chuck.

With one final question, “Did your investments meet your expectations when looking back?”, came the most telling statement of all from Chuck. “They do now. They do now.”

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