"Still 23 years away from retirement, they’ve discovered happiness and confidence in a unique strategy that’s preparing them in all the right ways for their golden years"

Whittier’s Testimonial

Why the Whittier’s Feel Wise Beyond Their Years.

Everything was going great for us until the dot-com bust, then the whole market started sliding, taking it back. You watch the market fall and you look for security somewhere,” said Steve, Director of Sales for an international software company. It was at that time when the Whittier’s advisor recommended a unique tool that gained their interest.

“People accuse us of analysis paralysis – we’ll analyze something until we understand every piece and every detail. Steve’s got an MBA and I’m a CPA. It’s bred into us. It’s where we draw our comfort level,” said Rhonda.

With the information provided by their advisor in-hand, Steve sat down and, as he puts it, simply did the math.

The result, say the Whittier’s, made the decision for them. “Over time, the stock market provides you the greatest return. And the greatest return in the stock market is from the S&P 500,” said Steve. Excited by the discovery, the Whittier’s rolled over both of their 401k’s in October of 2002, linking their indexed annuities to the S&P 500.

“It’s not as flashy or as sexy, there’s less adrenaline than investing in this stock and that stock. But we can sleep at night knowing our initial investment is safe and we get to keep the gains we earn each year,” said Steve. “For most retirees who buy this tool, security is their main concern. For us, the security is great – it’s a bonus. The fact that our indexed annuities are growing and beating the market is also good - returning 30% versus 18% for the market during the time period we’ve been invested. It’s a double benefit.”

Rhonda continued, “We don’t have to watch the news at night and pay attention to what the stock market did and worry about that. We don’t spend time talking with one another wondering what we should do - should we move our investments into this or that. We can focus on more important things in our lives.”

And right now, there are four very important things to focus on at home. The Whittier’s are raising four beautiful daughters. “We have a long road ahead of us - more than two decades until retirement. With four weddings and college still ahead for our girls, it’s a comfort we’re only seeing mountain peaks and none of the valleys,” admits Steve.

What investment advice would they give their young daughters? “Start early. Be systematic about saving. And let the market grow the money. Because if you never have to worry about investing, it’s all the better.”

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