"The first time the market fell, we were hurt by its losses.
When the market collapsed again recently, we didn’t lose a penny."

Robert & Roberta Janz's Testimonial

Peace Of Mind No Matter What The Future Holds

One of Robert’s biggest clients is a national cable TV company. “Every day this company sends thousands of vehicles to homes in order to fix technical issues, but many of these issues could be fixed remotely,” Robert explains.

“With the changes I made to their service systems, they will save millions of dollars next year.”

A comfortable smile spreads over his face and it’s apparent that he loves the fulfillment his work provides. “I’m really only working now because I enjoy it,” Robert continued.

Robert reaches out for Roberta’s hand and he and his wife take a moment to enjoy their yard that they work on together. Just beyond a lush flower garden is a pleasant waterfall shaded by a giant tree that their daughter chose as the place for her wedding last year.

As you would expect from someone in his line of work, Robert applies his same efficient nature to each facet of his life, and finances are no exception.

Conservative by nature, both Robert and Roberta have made savings a priority throughout their careers – Robert as an IT Engineer and Roberta as an Archive Specialist for the National Park Service.

“Sometimes I would get a raise and choose to put all of the increase in my savings and just continue to live off what I had before,” Robert explained.

With both Robert and Roberta working hard and saving aggressively throughout their careers, they accumulated a significant nest egg for retirement. Robert actively watched his account’s performance every time he received a statement. “When the dot-com bust started in 2002, we began to lose a significant amount of money,” Robert said with the disturbance of the loss still fresh in his memory.

Refusing to accept rash losses to the account they had worked so hard to build, this loving couple began the search for a safe-haven for their life savings. Eventually, their search led them to an alternative to traditional investing that could provide both safety and opportunity to their savings at the same time. Initially, Robert was intrigued with this concept called an Indexed Annuity, but his bent for analytics led him deep into research.

Having examined the company offering this product and learning all he could from his advisor, Robert eventually determined the Indexed Annuity was the best vehicle to help him preserve his wealth and grow it for the future.

Today, Robert and Roberta enjoy peace of mind knowing that the income they use from their Indexed Annuity will always be available to them.

“The first time the market fell we were hurt by its losses, but when the market collapsed again recently, we didn’t lose a penny,” Robert said with a smile while looking at his wife.

Some years the Jantz’s choose to take an income from their annuity and some years, when their other income is higher, they choose to not take anything from the account. “Our indexed annuity provides us the flexibility to use our money however we want,” Roberta said.

“We love being together and sharing our home with all our friends,” Roberta said while talking about their annual Christmas party at their home. Still lovingly clutching Robert’s hand, she adds, “It’s something we always want to continue doing.”

Surrounded by life-long friends, and their faithful companionship with each other, Robert and Roberta are free to enjoy their retirement efficiently, without worrying about their savings.

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