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What You Should Know About Annuities

Surveys about retirement planning say that Americans now fear outliving their savings more than they fear death.

SWAN Financial Freedom wants you to look forward to your retirement with peace of mind, knowing that the solution you have chosen with us, is the best, the safest and the most predictable solution for you. In other words: We want you to

Sleep Well At Night.

This section provides objective information about the programs that we offer and the questions and answers you need in order to make up your mind.

We show you the questions and answers about fixed index annuities that our clients have raised to us before they made up their mind. We also bring you news and discussions from the media and provide links to other sites with valuable information.

Whether you still have any doubt left or you have made up your mind after reading this section; please contact us. We guarantee you that we can help you out.

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