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Parties and Plans or Worries and What Ifs

A picture of retirement should conjure up happy thoughts, parties with cakes and hugs from co-workers, plans of traveling to unseen parts of our country or foreign lands, but sadly, retirement today for many people is filled with worry, fear and what ifs.

As Dave Carpenter shares in his article, "Baby Boomers Near 65 With Retirements In Jeopardy", for millions of Americans, retirement has come in the form of layoffs, downsizing or a souring economy, it's not been a voluntary transition as once dreamed of. Those who have been able to retire voluntarily are faced with other problems.

The fact that the average American has saved less than 7% of the desired retirement nest egg will have a devastating impact on America. With the cost of living exploding each and every year, and not enough money saved during the working years, most workers will have no option other than working many more years than they ever contemplated.

The pillars of retirement are becoming broken relics in many American workers' lives. Pensions are scarcely offered today and if they are, many are severely underfunded. 401k's have been devastated twice in the past 10 years.

Many investors have not yet recovered all their losses from 2000. Home equity has largely been erased as a means of retirement.

It has been said that "modest gains, that NEVER experience a loss, will outperform a volatile market over time." Ask this question of yourself…"would you be WINNING by not LOSING?"

Let us show you strategies that we have implemented for our clients that have provided safety AND growth on the same dollar at the same time!

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