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Lifetime Income Benefits

A Guaranteed Way To Keep Paying Your Bills

Fixed index annuities can provide you with a guaranteed income stream that you cannot outlive, with the purchase of a fixed index annuity. Some annuities even provide

You have the ability to choose from several different annuity payment options. With nonqualified plans, a portion of each annuity payment represents a return of premium that is not taxed, which reduces the income tax on your annuity payments.

While the index annuity concept offers many features of a traditional fixed annuity, it has a rather unique feature that allows a potential of stock market-linked interest credits without the potential of any market-type loss.

In contrast to a securities-type product or mutual fund where the investor bears the market risk, the fixed index annuity concept insulates the contract owner from any risk of loss of principal due to market downturns and as such provides you with a guaranteed income that allows you to continue the lifestyle you have planned for no matter how long you live.

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