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An Investment Market Comparison

Security in Your Retirement

Our goal is to help you make favorable returns that are actually captured while taking the guessing and risk out of the experience.

Fixed Indexed Annuity Diversified Portfolio
No market risk Market risk
Gains of 50-75% of the up on all the money 33-52% of the up on all the money
Gains realized annually, automatically Paper gains, unless portfolio is sold
Will last as long as you live Will last as long as the money allows
No buying or selling decisions Must determine right time to buy or sell
Own the vehicle and the results Must sell the vehicles to own results
No taxes until you take income Taxes can occur due to Mutual fund manager trading, even though no income was taken
Never lose time making up losses Lose time
One statement per year (simple) 4-12 statements annually, which few understand
Peace of mind (Sleep Well At Night) Sometimes you want a “piece” of the broker
Income generated from highest value Income sometimes stops, waiting to recover from losses
Two-tenths of 1% complaint ratio Two-tenths of 1% happy
No one has ever lost any money No one has not lost money
No market timing Never a good time to try to time the market. Nobody can do it because nobody knows the news in advance.
Don’t get all the up in favor of getting none of the down Don’t get all the up and participates in the down
Change strategy from stock indices to bonds, without selling Must sell mutual funds to buy bonds
Avoids probate Debatable if this avoids anything
This strategy takes the emotion out of participating in a volatile market Emotions are strong and controlling
Keeps your principal out of the market Puts your principal in the market with no guarantees
Control over losing money to things outside your control No control over money being lost to the following: Terrorism, interest rates, wars, recession, stock market declines, etc.
Benefit by 500 stocks, broad diversification Diversified portfolios seldom hold 500 stocks

The bottom line is that your highest priority should be to get the most favorable captured gains possible regardless of the name of the advisor, firm, or product! You no longer have to take risk to do this! In the process of helping themselves, many realize the power of a captured market, you will also realize your financial dreams!

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