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Why You Should Visit SWAN Financial Freedom

In its fifty plus years of experience, Swan Financial Freedom has gained an understanding of the needs and concerns of people in retirement and pre-retirement and we will help you accomplish the following:

√ Growing and preserving your money.
√ Generating an income that lasts as long as you do.
√ Transferring your assets to the next generation as effectively as
√ Protecting against catastrophes, whether that be in the stock market
or with your health.
√ And our strategies offer the Big Three in one method:
• Rock solid safety
• Opportunity of the market without market risk
• Access to your money when you need it

Many financial decisions are tough to address and can have a huge impact on your life and retirement. Your parents probably retired with a gold watch and pension plan, but your generation is different. Today, people work with 10 or more companies in their lifetime. They have a 401k that they need to take possession of, but are unsure of what to do with it. You may only have one shot at getting it right.

Swan Financial Freedom offers a product that you may have never heard of, or that you may have pre-conceived opinions about and we understand your situation. Our primary goal is to provide you with safety and prosperity and we can deliver insight to how the plans work:

• We'll give you strategies of how to shelter your IRAs from taxes just for coming and seeing us, whether or
not you become our client.
• We'll show you how our strategies work, which actually allow you to protect principal in volatile markets
and guarantees both income and growth.
• We'll recommend to you what percentage of your portfolio would be suitable to go in the strategies we offer.
• There is never any cost or obligation for our consultation, just a friendly conversation.
• In addition, there is no fee to you for selecting one of our strategies as we are compensated
by the product provider.
• There may only be a fee if a particular rider is selected.

Come in to our office or if you prefer; we'll come to you. Let us sit down and tell you the truth about a product that will change your life, and your retirement plans.

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